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You can make money from buying and selling internet domains.
A domain is what you may know as an internet address, like “”. Some of these domains are valuable for reasons that you will learn in our about section and in the tutorials on the system.
Thousands of investors all over the world invest in domains and are part of the $1Bn domain after market.

A couple of examples include:

  • We registered “” for R 75 and sold it for R 3420-00.
  • The previous owner of “” bought it for R 560 000 in 2011 and sold it for R 3m in less than 2 years.
  • We bought “” for R 30 000 and sold it for R 68 000 six months later. The reason we bought it for so much is that it was already no. 1 on Google, although it did not have a proper website on it. We put a proper site on it, proved it could get decent traffic and sold it for decent profit.
  • We bought “” for R 2500 and have rejected offers of R 20 000 as it is worth more than that.
  • We registered for R 75 and sold it for R 11 400.
  • The previous owner of “” paid R 50 000 for it in 2010 and sold it for R 650 000 in 2012.

For more examples of domain sales, click on the “Domains” tab above and click on “Domain Sales History”. Not all sales are published, we will continue to publish the ones we get to know of.
You will notice our prices are significantly lower than historical prices, with even bigger bargains available in our “Bargain Bin” every day.
This portal will give you all the tools & knowledge to partake in this highly exciting and profitable investing opportunity. Your next step is to either read the “About” page or “Register”.