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About Us

About Us

More About Domains? is an initiative by two of the biggest investors in the COZA namespace, namely Deon Venter and Charlie Hildebrand. Managing a COZA portfolio of more than 3 000 domains, they have extensive knowledge of investing in and monetising premium South African domains.

The idea was quite simple – develop an online system that would allow traditional investors (i.e. other than existing “domainers”) to become involved in the international domain trade, for the following reasons:

  • The South African market is hugely underdeveloped with a lot of scope for investment growth.
  • More investors should lead to more domains changing hands, leading to an increase in demand and an eventual increase in pricing.
  • Transferring our knowledge could in no way harm our own investment – we already own premium domains and we know they can only increase in value. Transferring knowledge can only grow the market.

The challenge is to unlock value to traditional investors. Whilst this might require us to sacrifice a portion of our portfolio (by selling real bargains in our Bargain Bin and allowing our subscribers access to the drop), we are confident that the potential growth and increase in value of domains will outweigh the sacrifices we have to make.

Company Mission’s mission is to provide traditional investors with the necessary knowledge and tools to unlock value in the South African Domain after market.

Meet the Team

  • Deon Venter


  • Charlie Hildebrand

    Systems Manager

  • Pierre Wheeler

    Digital Manager